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About Us

At ECC we seize every opportunity to help our tenants succeed, the flexibility to future defines our commercial spaces. We are helping the tenants to spread their message out. Established in 2014, E.C.C offers the necessary solutions to national and international clients for all types of mixed-use offices. The company E.C.C is the owner of the Gabriel Business Center building, a modern office building completed in 2007 with a special architecture. The design and execution was a first because it was the first tall building with a metal structure in Iasi, with the following characteristics: openings of 2 x 5.40 m, beam 6x 5.40 m, height level 3.40 m, useful height current level 3 m.

 As a top player in the market, we pride ourselves on an excellent reputation and business conduct, an advanced perspective and a trend vision.